The Personal Business Card

Who would’ve thought that business cards would still be a thing in 2022?

Well it turns out that they very much are.

Last weekend I made a new acquaintance and in an effort to leave him with my number, he had to pull out his phone, hand it to me for me to punch in my name and number before clicking save and having him call me so I could get his number too.

Things should really be a lot easier than that in this day and age.

To be fair, it probably is and I’m just a dinosaur who has not caught up with the latest trend/tech in this area.

In any case, that experience prompted me to get some business cards printed.

Although it would seem anachronistic I actually like physical business cards because

  1. You can physically give something to someone without them having to do anything—all they have to do is take it. Also if they don’t have access to their phone in that particular moment, or their battery has died or something, they can just take the card and add you as a contact later. It’s also easier to place it in someone’s hands just before they dash onto a train if they happen to be in a rush and don’t have time to pull out a phone.
  2. It makes it easier for someone to accept your contact details without feeling obliged to contact you. Asking someone to take out their phone and take your number down seems a little more intrusive than simply handing them a tiny piece of paper. They can accept it and thereafter throw it in the bin if they so wish. Business cards punningly have no strings attached.
  3. You can even add a QR code to your business card making it even easier for contact entry meaning that if you did decide to go the slightly intrusive route of asking someone to take your number down, at least the process can be a little more seamless. I went through Moo to get exactly this type of card.