How we got our modern microwaves

If you ever wanted to know how the humble microwave came about this episode of the The Secret Genius of Modern Life has got you covered. Riveting stuff! Check it out.

Christmas Turkey?? No thanks!

Why on earth anyone would want to eat such a thing is beyond me. It looks completely foul. Don’t you just love how people want to spend as little as possible on the carcass of an animal and then complain that after six days the carcass looks like a carcass. Turkey is one tradition I …

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Merry Christmas

Hope you have a lovely Christmas with friends and loved ones. Spare a thought for those who have none and less fortunate not just at Christmas but at all times and in every season. Don’t eat too much and go easy on the alcohol.


I started using Readwise today and I have to say it’s a really good application and concept. I would highly recommend it if you’re someone who reads digital books and articles and often highlight them. Readwise basically collates all your highlights and then presents a few of them to you every day to review. Simple …

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Tuesday 13 May 2023

Today I did a short and sweet session. Started with a 3 min run to warm up; then a 3 minute row. I then did some quick arm circles and other warm ups. Here’s the report from my workout.

Chess: The Rook

The Rook can move in any direction and any amount of squares but only in straight lines and cannot jump over other pieces.

Chess: Queen moves

The Queen can move in any linear direction like the King and can move any number of squares on the board. But she cannot jump over other pieces.