January 2021 Goal

I am going to be setting monthly goals.

From here on in, every month is almost like a new year. I will anticipate the beginning of the month like how we anticipate the beginning of a new year. At the end of the month, I will do a review, and set a goal for the next month — that way when the end of the year rolls around, I would have completed 12 useful goals.

January Goal

For January my goal is to:

  1. Read 12 Week Year
  2. Set up the system to track a goal for February.

I will review these at the end of the month where I will expect to have completed this and have the 12 Week Year goal system in place for February.

Let’s get to work.


empiricism in practice

You can’t anticipate how things will work out. What will be a good idea and what won’t. For the most part you have to do your research and analysis, gain insight as much as possible and then pull the trigger on a decision. Only later will you truly know whether or not it was a good call.

For someone with perfectionistic tendencies like me that is terrifying, but it’s the truth of how life works.

The only thing you can do is learn. When you see the results of your decisions and actions you can then make more informed decisions to get you closer to the result you want.

This is effectively empiricism in practice. But it works on projects as well as life.

Don’t waste time regretting something. See it as an opportunity to improve on what you’ve done. Look at the results of what you’ve put out there and use that as a foundation for making better judgements in future.


As at 1 Jan 21

I’ve been thinking about

Using the 12 week year to get my goals sorted for the new year. I started re-reading the book to get inspired and motivated and use it as a springboard to formulating more goals. It’s taking a bit longer than anticipated so I decided that my goal for January would be to set up my goal for February. It may even be that I’ll repeat this every other month. That would mean that, in the Agile terminology, January will be Sprint Planning and February will be my Sprint. The first half of March would then be my Sprint Review and Retrospective whilst the second half would be Planning for April Sprint. I’m going to try that out as an approach and see how it works out.

In terms of documenting my goals, I think I’m going to give Notion a try for this. I think I’ll like it so will try it and let you know.

For tracking my goals I’ll have to give life tick a try.


Hello 2021

With a new year comes renewed vision, hope and optimism. I’m thankful for where I am, who I’m with and what I have. But I know there is more. I want this to be a year of setting and pursuing goals. Instead of resolutions, I’ll opt for commitments. One commitment. And that is to the process of setting goals and to the process of achieving them. It will require me to keep my promises to myself. To show up when I don’t feel like it and, in the words of Steven Pressfield, to do the work. That is what I commit to in 2021.


Hard Losses

If you are striving for any thing in life, sometimes you will have to take hard losses.

Hard losses are a part of the driven and purposeful life. Whenever you are pushing past your comfort zone, venturing into uncharted territory or simply trying to accomplish something you have never accomplished before, you will inevitable come across hard losses.

The loss may hurt because the goal was very meaningful, desirable, or very nearly attainable. Those are the worst ones – when you almost nearly nailed it, but somehow in the precious last moments, you let it slip – those are the losses that hurt the most.

I think of Sascha Zverev losing the US Open to Dominic Thiem after leading with two sets – a loss like that hurts. Whether it’s tennis or any thing else in life – a hard loss can hurt. But the important thing is to gain perspective and realise that you are still alive and there will be other opportunities. It is difficult to see that in the moment, but try to remember that this world is bountiful and even if one opportunity doesn’t work out – as desirable as it may have been – it probably isn’t the end of the road. The likelihood is that there will be others and most probably those others may be even better and even sweeter.

Life is full of opportunity – even when you’ve just lost a very meaningful, desirable and important one.


How to Cook a Steak

This guy knows how to make a steak!

Mark Bittman – How to cook a steak

Carol Kane


Meet the ‘proper northern lass’ who went from working class background to joint CEO


Sadio Mané

Pure inspiration…

Sadio Mané. Source: The Economist


Little consistent effort…

I once heard someone say “we overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year with a little consistent effort”.

Says it all really.

We can get disappointed because the big bang productivity goal we had for today didn’t quite materialise, but isn’t it more productive and effective to focus on little actions each day that drive us toward one big goal each year?


Get to work

Sometimes, you have to put your head down, remind yourself what’s important to you (not to other people) and get down to work.