Chess: The Rook

The Rook can move in any direction and any amount of squares but only in straight lines and cannot jump over other pieces.

Chess: Queen moves

The Queen can move in any linear direction like the King and can move any number of squares on the board. But she cannot jump over other pieces.

Break Point

Break Point, Tennis’ version of F1: Drive to Survive, is released today on Netflix. Based on the trailers, some have dubbed it the Kyrgios show but will be interesting to see what storylines are prominent and how entertaining the life of a tennis player on tour could possibly be.

Mail on Harry and Meghan

For all the vitriol these guys get for simply being Harry and Meghan, especially in the Mail, this is probably one of the more considered and tempered accounts.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

This is a very entertaining look into the Formula 1 season. The same creators are making the new tennis documentary so watching this as I anticipate that. -004-

The Comedy of Dave Chappelle

Comedy is supposed to be provocative and Dave Chappelle certainly is. His brand of comedy is certainly crass, vulgar, irreverent, and politically incorrect. But I don’t understand why people will go to his show just to sit there stoned-faced or visibly disapprove of what he says. The man is paid to have an opinion and …

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Two Questions

Two questions we should ask ourselves at least every month in relation to our work. Am I still learning a lot? Am I still getting better? If the answers to either of those questions is no, we should reflect on whether we are still doing the right sort of work. Thomas Zurbuchen, Science leader at …

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Hello 2023—You look like hard work

New Year always brings with it the hope of a fresh start, renewed motivation and resolution. We face insurmountable challenges however as a country. Cost of living, energy bills, record inflation, and the fall out from the dreaded “B” word—Brexit—starting to hit the fan. In times of challenge however, there is always opportunity—and those who …

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