As at 1 Jan 21

I’ve been thinking about

Using the 12 week year to get my goals sorted for the new year. I started re-reading the book to get inspired and motivated and use it as a springboard to formulating more goals. It’s taking a bit longer than anticipated so I decided that my goal for January would be to set up my goal for February. It may even be that I’ll repeat this every other month. That would mean that, in the Agile terminology, January will be Sprint Planning and February will be my Sprint. The first half of March would then be my Sprint Review and Retrospective whilst the second half would be Planning for April Sprint. I’m going to try that out as an approach and see how it works out.

In terms of documenting my goals, I think I’m going to give Notion a try for this. I think I’ll like it so will try it and let you know.

For tracking my goals I’ll have to give life tick a try.


Parasite (2019)

Enjoyed this very much. Thematically and stylistically it’s very well made. A story of class told through the eyes of the “have-nots” as they infiltrate the lives of those who have and the ramifications that follow for each.

The movie presents a lens through which to think through the themes of class, affluence, privilege and aspiration — shining a light on issues that for some are a daily reality.

Further reading:

For Seoul’s Poor, Class Strife in ‘Parasite’ Is Daily Reality – The New York Times