The Fundamentals

If you take care of the fundamentals, the fundamentals will take care of you—simple as that.

What are the fundamentals? Sleeping well, eating well, moving well, relaxing well and relating well. These are things you can pursue excellence in for a lifetime; the need to do them well will never change throughout your life—they are the very rudiments of a meaningful and productive life. You will not reach your highest potential if these things are out of whack—and if you do, you won’t have a lot of staying power. These are the fundamentals of life; if you look after them, they will look after you.

Sleeping well

If you don’t sleep well, you will hamper your productivity massively and store up for yourself huge and debilitating health issues and diseases in the long run.

Eating well

Same with sleep—if you don’t eat well, you will crash your energy on a day to day basis and similarly store up a disease-ridden future for yourself.

Moving well

As above, exercise is vital for your body and mind. If you fail to move well on a daily basis, you will lack the energy and vigour necessary for a productive life and leave your body amenable to disease and deterioration.

These top three fundamentals form the trifecta of health—sleep, food and exercise.

Relaxing well

Most of us live very stress-filled lives. Indeed modern life is very stressful. This has massive ramifications for health and wellbeing and takes away vital energy that can be channeled towards our biggest goals and priorities. Taking time to slow down, relax and savour moments helps us to focus on the things that are most important to us, rather than running around like cortisol-induced headless chickens. And, relaxing does not have to be passive—you can actively engage in something you enjoy (e.g. cycling, painting, walking, playing an instrument) if you find it relaxing. Relaxation isn’t a waste of time, it is a key source of replenishing energy and fostering creativity.

Relating well

The quality of your life is enhanced by the quality of your relationships. We are social beings made from love and for love. Therefore relating well to God and to other people is a source of vital energy and emotional and mental strength. These are relationships that fuel us, replenish us and inspire us to be our best selves. They keep us from getting depleted and from losing our minds. They should add a level of shared joy to our existence.

When we habitualise the care of these fundamentals in our lives, we form the basis for a meaningful and a productive life.

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