Commit. Focus. Execute.

If there was ever a formula for succeeding in anything you want to do, it would be this:

Commitment + Focus + Execution = Goal attainment

Of course there are other factors that come into play such has having the right knowledge about what and how to execute and reviewing progress and learning from mistakes, but at its core, attaining your goals comes down to the level to which you deliver on these three things: commitment, focus, and execution.



  1. Define where you want to be / what you want to be doing
  2. Get around people who are already where you want to be / doing what you want to be doing — let those people make up the numbers you become the average of


Perhaps the biggest differentiator between those who succeed and those who do not: the level of commitment.

Commitment determines execution, and as you probably know the measure of one’s success is the measure of their execution.


Performance Review – March 2020

March 2020 Performance / April 2020 Targets

The final figures are in. Above are some performance metrics I’m tracking in the area of fitness, finance and reading. Come back next month for the April performance review figures.


Life in Half a Second – Matthew Michalewicz (2013, Hybrid Publishers)

The Score

There are a couple of metrics I use to judge the value of a book.

  1. To what degree does it change the way I think or live? (5/5)
  2. How likely am I to immediately buy copies for friends? (4/5)
  3. What is the quality level of the book (author’s credibility, quality of writing, reliability of research and information)? (3/5)

Based on those questions, I have scored this book with marks out of 5 and taken an average as the final score of its value. (i.e. 12/3 = 4)

For Life in Half a Second, I value it as a 4/5 book.


BAU vs Strategic Work

BAU provides forward mobility.

Strategic work provides upward mobility.

When you put this into context against the backdrop of the mountain / sphere that you are climbing, you find that BAU alone will keep you circling the mountain at whatever level that you currently are – at best it will move you forward very slowly.

Combining BAU with Strategic Work however, you will find you start to climb in a forward and upward trajectory.

Strategic work is key to climbing your mountain.



“Automattic is creating the operating system for the web, from websites to ecommerce to social networks,” said Matt Mullenweg, founder and CEO of Automattic and cofounder of WordPress. “As we zoom past 1,100 employees in over 70 countries, we wanted a financial leader with experience taking businesses from hundreds of millions in revenue to billions and even tens of billions, as Mark has. I’m excited about working alongside such an experienced leader day-to-day to build one of the defining technology companies of this era.”

Nobody ever achieved anything significant by dreaming small dreams. I love the audacity of Matt Mullenweg.


The Weekly and Monthly Execution System

If you’re not setting goals and reviewing them often, you should consider why not. Most people do this at the start of the year, but 12 months is a really long time to track something for.

12 weeks is much better and easier to track against but personally, I still find 12 weeks way too long. This year, I’ve started strategising and tracking against a weekly and monthly execution system.

No system is perfect but some are better than others and the main thing is that whatever system you choose, it works for you and actually helps you achieve your biggest goals.