Sleeping Consistently

Productivity during the week is easy. The weekends though are different. Most of us take the weekends easier than we do the weekdays. During the weekday, our schedule is somewhat dominated by our jobs so in effect our productivity is already determined within existing guidelines. On the weekends however, if we need / want to be productive we need a different set of productivity hacks.

When it comes to things like sleep however, it’s important to keep it consistent. You don’t want to have set bedtime during the week and then forget about it during the weekend and go to bed whenever suits you — this makes it incredibly difficult to get back onto a good schedule the following week.

If you sleep at 10pm every night during the week and then come Friday and Saturday night, you sleep at midnight, you are setting yourself up for failure. Not only does it confuse your body, it also harms your sleep pattern. When it comes to sleep, it’s best to keep things as consistent as you can — even on the weekends.