When it comes to buying stuff online, people tend to procrastinate.

They wait and wait and shop around trying to find a better deal. We all do it.

One of the ways to convert these “just browsing” visitors into customers is by stressing urgency.

I recently saw a great example of this right in my inbox. It’s from a Ulysses newsletter.

Two things are working together here in attempts to convert.

  1. Discount. Who would want to miss out on getting 20% off a product?
  2. Expiration. This is where the urgency comes in. If you don’t act within the very short timeframe, you’ll lose the discount.

These two things work together amazingly to create (in Don Vito Corleone’s words) “an offer you can’t refuse”.

Urgency as a conversion strategy is not new, and in reality it’s everywhere. From big retailers (think Black Friday) to parents trying to get their kids to do stuff.

Given the choice, people tend to procrastinate like they’re guaranteed tomorrow. Hence it’s a good idea to shoot the proverbial rocket up their rear end if you want them to take action and take action fast.


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