Money: A Users Guide

Author: Laura Whateley
Read: February 2020

What is it?

Gives a broad and general overview of personal finance topics aimed at millennials. She doesn’t go into much depth on any of the topics. Rather she treats them with a broad brush — a sort of whistle stop tour covering housing, debt, savings, investments, pensions, tax, bills and insurance, car payments, mobile phone contracts etc — everything that requires money. Some thoughts are also shared on money and relationships and ethical finance.

Why read or not read it

Read it if you want a general overview of money topics and some suggested best practices particularly targeted at millennials with a moderate income. Most of this information you can find by scouring the internet — but the book compiles it conveniently.

Lessons learned

There are a lot of practical lessons offered but if you have a tiny amount of financial savvy, you have probably come across this before and won’t find great benefit in the book – although it might serve as a useful reminder in some areas.

Will I return to it?

Yes, perhaps at some point as a starting point to further investigation into a particular aspect of money but on the whole there is nothing revelatory in here.