Is this the best blackout curtain on the market?

easyblackout kit with VELCRO® brand hook fastener

Sleeping in a completely dark room is one of the best things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. When summer rolls around and it stays lighter a lot later, or if you live on street where there are lots of street lamps, this can be difficult to achieve. Most blackout curtains or blinds don’t do a great job of blocking out all the light. You may need an additional way solution to combine with your existing curtains.

Here’s what I’ve found really helps.

First I tried the Gro Company’s Portable Blackout Blind. This is a blackout material with suction cups that stick to the window. This was a good solution but with two problems.

  1. The standard size it came in was too long for my curtain but not wide enough. So whilst I could make it work, some light would inevitably creep in through folds I had to make in the material.
  2. I also had to use the Magic Blackout Blind to cover the part of the window that the Portable Blackout Blind didn’t extend to.

It wasn’t a perfect solution but I made it work. Plus I had to keep buying additional rolls of the Magic Blackout Blind given the static eventually wears out and they don’t last very long.

A better solution I’ve found lately is the easyblackout kit.

The advantages of the easyblackout kit is that you can customise the material to the size of your window by either

  1. Cutting it down to size yourself or
  2. Giving them your window sizing and letting them cut it down to size for you so that when it arrives it’s exactly the size of your window, with a little bit of bleed to ensure no light gets through.

The blackout material is very strong and effective. The back of the material is made of a kind of felt which attaches to the Velcro that you stick on to the edges of your window frame.

On the whole the easyblackout kit solution is the best I’ve used so far. It does the job perfectly and I don’t foresee a need to change this solution unless something goes wrong down the line that I hadn’t anticipated.

My only concern is how long the felt will continue to attach to the Velcro given I have to remove it every morning to let light in. But so far, this is a 5/5 solution if you need a complete light blocking solution.