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  • The Knowledge

    This is a wonderful project from Jon Connell, founder of The Week. A selection of news stories digestible in five minutes.

  • The rest is politics

    Good podcast on politics in the UK and abroad. Their analysis on Boris Johnson is spot on. Frankly I don’t think anyone who stuck beside him through his shenanigans should be running for prime minister. Our political system is broken and needs to be re-evaluated and reviewed so that it stops being a popularity contest, […]

  • Fear stifles innovation and progress

    One of the most common fears we experience everyday is fear of the unknown. This kind of fear can inhibit innovation and progress. We may end up doing things the same way we have always done them because we are afraid of failure i.e. what if this new way of doing something doesn’t work? It’s […]

  • Come as you are

    Life is too short to spend it worrying about other people’s opinions—what they might say, think, do, or how they might react. If there is a misunderstanding by all means try to clear it up but never waste even a second trying to please people or make yourself more amenable to them. We need you […]

  • What gets measured gets managed

    Measurement gives you transparency and accountability. Those things in turn help you to make game time decisions about what comes next. Without that you will be flying blind making decisions without any real objective data. We are all prone to subjective biases in our decision-making but the more we can implement objective measurement in the […]

  • Alcohol

    Will we in 25 years time view alcohol in the same way we have come to view smoking? Lately more studies are emerging with similar conclusions on alcohol—less is better and none might be better still. There are of course caveats and conclusions appear to be always shifting depending on the variables but it’s becoming […]

  • Tory Leadership Race: TV debate on Channel 4

    This was an entertaining watch tonight after a bbq and lubricating drink. Here is a brief analysis. Sunak lost nothing in this debate. Rather he might have bolstered his position as one of the more experienced and reasonable candidates in the race. Like him or not, he had the strongest showing. Mordaunt appeared tamed by […]

  • The Personal Business Card

    Who would’ve thought that business cards would still be a thing in 2022? Well it turns out that they very much are. Last weekend I made a new acquaintance and in an effort to leave him with my number, he had to pull out his phone, hand it to me for me to punch in […]