Hard Losses

If you are striving for any thing in life, sometimes you will have to take hard losses.

Hard losses are a part of the driven and purposeful life. Whenever you are pushing past your comfort zone, venturing into uncharted territory or simply trying to accomplish something you have never accomplished before, you will inevitable come across hard losses.

The loss may hurt because the goal was very meaningful, desirable, or very nearly attainable. Those are the worst ones – when you almost nearly nailed it, but somehow in the precious last moments, you let it slip – those are the losses that hurt the most.

I think of Sascha Zverev losing the US Open to Dominic Thiem after leading with two sets – a loss like that hurts. Whether it’s tennis or any thing else in life – a hard loss can hurt. But the important thing is to gain perspective and realise that you are still alive and there will be other opportunities. It is difficult to see that in the moment, but try to remember that this world is bountiful and even if one opportunity doesn’t work out – as desirable as it may have been – it probably isn’t the end of the road. The likelihood is that there will be others and most probably those others may be even better and even sweeter.

Life is full of opportunity – even when you’ve just lost a very meaningful, desirable and important one.