Happy April!!!

Every New Year brings with it an opportunity to take time out to celebrate, be grateful, take stock and set goals for the upcoming year. But 12 months is an awfully long time to wait to celebrate, review and make resolutions. Often by December, people have lost motivation, forgotten their goals and run out of steam, disappointed that another year has passed and they’ve achieved little or nothing. Annualised planning doesn’t work. We need a paradigm shift. That paradigm shift is celebrating a New Month as a New Year. This gives you a shorter window of execution and therefore increased focus and urgency. Why wait 12 months? You can have that ‘fresh start’ feeling, celebration and appreciation for friends and family and goal-setting motivation every 30 days! So here we are—wishing you a very happy, productive and prosperous April. Make the most of it. Make it count. You only have 30 days!