Chugging vs Sipping a Book

Some books are made to be chugged, others sipped. Reading well is about knowing which books—or which parts of a book—should be chugged versus sipped.

I recently finish a book about achieving success before it’s too late—it was a good book full of inspiration and tactics. Now I’m reading another good book about vocation. The former was chugged, the later is being sipped.

My goal is obviously to read 25 pages a day but there’s no point in speeding your way through 25 pages if you’re not learning anything along the way. For me the purpose of reading isn’t just so I can say I have read—but rather to learn and to become. And in order to do that, sometimes, when I book calls for it, you have to slow down and read at a level that allows you to absorb every bit of insight the author is giving you and allow yourself the time to develop your own thinking on the subject as you read. Otherwise you might as well be reading drivel and not paying any attention.