Chaos Control: Task Management Systems

If you keep your task management systems up to date, you are more likely to trust it and therefore use it regularly. If you don’t keep it up to date well maintained, you won’t trust the system and you will find that you start using all manner of tricks, post-its and reminders elsewhere to make sure you don’t forget to do the important things you want to remember to do.

The key factors are this

  • Process the capture inbox on a regular basis – ideally everyday.
  • Make it easy for yourself to find specific things when you need to. In Things, tags are a useful way of adding context to a task.
  • Trust it with everything. Your system should house every single task and should be the single point of failure as far as possible. Like your calendar, it’s best if you don’t have multiple task management systems.
  • Invest time in developing a task management process – one that is detailed but simple to execute.