Caffeine-free; Alcohol-free

Last night I went to bed at 2230. I subsequently woke up at 0130—3 hours later. I didn’t feel tired enough to sleep again until 0600. My night was severely disrupted. Why? I asked myself that question and suspect that the culprit might have been the two glasses of Rioja I consumed with my dinner between 1700 and 1900.

When I took stock of the situation in the morning, the only other thing that I thought might have been culpable would have been the blue light of my computer and phone which was not switched off till right before bed.

Knowing what I know now about sleep, I have no one but myself to blame if I continue to consume caffeine and alcohol at times of the day that might cause them to severely disrupt my sleep. For that reason I will be taking an indefinite break from both caffeine and alcohol and seeing whether this restless night repeats itself.