Be More Interesting

One way to be more interesting is to be more interested.

Interesting people always have something to say.

Almost everybody is interesting but at different levels. Just as some people are richer than others, so some are more interesting than others.

But everyone can improve their level of interesting-ness.


By being interested.

This is simple input vs output logic.

If you are curious and inquisitive you can increase how interesting you are because by taking in more, you will have more to give out. To be more interesting therefore, try being more interested. Take an interest in things beyond your current interests and you’ll have more interesting things to talk about and share with other people.

This of course comes more naturally to some people but it is a skill that almost anyone can learn.

Observe your world and the world beyond your world. Be curious and stop more often to understand things. Ask questions. Explore and keep looking even after you’ve found what you’re looking for. Then you will have more to give and more interesting things to say.