First: What it takes to win

Summary: Rich Froning walks you through his life growing up, discovery of Crossfit and how he became (at the time) two time Crossfit Games champion.

Rich Froning has of course gone on to win the Crossfit Games four times as an individual – a feat which to date is unmatched by any Games athlete.

What is most intriguing about this book is how humble Rich comes across. You get a sense of his upbringing and the nurturing of his competitive nature—at the hands of his cousins and uncles—as well as the development of his work ethic–at the hands of his parents who are very much his example in diligence.

This is a great read for any fan of Crossfit. There are lots of stories of his journey in Crossfit as he went from a relative unknown to a Crossfit celebrity. More than that this is good reading for the Christian Crossfitter/athlete as Froning makes some very salient points about what it means to be a Christian athlete and find one’s purpose not in winning alone but in glorifying God in all that he does.

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